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Azealia Banks says Ms. Badu is Jealous

First is was Lupe…

Music artist Azealia Banks has been known to get into Twitter arguments with other artist. Earlier this year she had heated words with Lupe Fiasco about “rap flows.”This time Azealia went after Ms.Badu. I’m not sure everyone knows Azealia and her music, but I’m sure everyone knows Erykah Badu and how talented she is; Badu has no reason to be jealous.

Here are the tweets..image

I think Azealia should take a “chill pill” and stop being so worried about other artist liking her music. Just think, what would Iggy Azalea do? Oh,wait.

Tell me your thoughts below!

They Found Love At The Atlanta Hawks Game #SwipeRight

At Wednesday nights Hawks V.S Grizzlies  basketball game, the Atlanta Hawks arranged a “Swipe Right Party” also known as the “Tinder Party.” If you aren’t familiar with the dating scene, Tinder is a dating application available on your smart phone.  An NBA team has never done something like this before, but apparently it was a huge success.  People were able to “Swipe Right” and meet their potential love interest in the “Love Lounge” where they were able to take photos and enjoy the  game over snacks and conversation.  Twitter feeds were booming this morning, even Tinder’s very own Twitter congratulated the Hawks with a successful night!

hawks-2 lja_6696_0

According to Atlanta Alive, when asked about creation of this event, the Hawks’ CEO had this to say:

“Hawks games have always been a great place to meet fun and vibrant people and we think ‘Swipe Right Night’ will take that to a whole new level,” said Hawks CEO Steve Koonin. “We were pioneers of the in-game ‘Kiss Cam’ and are hopeful that we can assist in making some more love connections at our games.”

Video footage provided below

Atlanta Alive Video Footage of Hawks Tinder/Swipe Right Party