V- Day or Single Awareness Day

What is the big deal?

We are taught at a young age (especially women) that Valentine’s Day is a day when couples express their love and care for each other, and that it is a meaningful experience that everyone should have. I am sure if we think back to when we were in elementary school, that this meant, giving out “I like you” notes or “I love you” Sweet Tarts. Naturally, as we become older, it is amplified to the highest degree with bigger, better, and even more gifts. Unfortunately, Valentine’s Day has also become “Single-awareness Day” for everyone else, and people feel compelled to scurry and find love just for this special day.


Let us think about it here, who decided chocolate had anything to do with love, or that a teddy bear defines true affection? You can still have a great V-Day without being in a relationship. How about spending quality time with others? You do not need chocolate hearts; you can go buy cookies and bake them or even go see a funny movie with your friends. How about making your own cards? Sit down and think of how special everyone is in your life and write those people an appreciation card for V- Day.

Is this day a relevant day for you and your significant other? Let me know your thoughts below.


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